Research articles, conference announcements and independent articles for the Meteorology and the Climate Dynamics of the Ionian Sea region
1. Natural Environment and Climate Dynamics in the Ionian (in Greek language)
     Form : Text Book
     Authors :  Kalimeris A, Posa D, Skordilis C, Kolios S, De Iaco S, Palma M, Kopanas J, Zoupanou K, Agalianos P, Giungato G, Turnore A.
     Editor : interreg IV / DEMSNIISI Project,  Pgs 92,  Year : 2014
     Availability : Dept. of Environmental Technologists, TEI of Ionian Islands (for registered users, after an e-mail request at
2. Fenomeni naturali e cambiamenti climatici nello Ionio (in Italian language)
     Form : Book
     Authors :  Kalimeris A, Posa D, Skordilis C, Kolios S, De Iaco S, Palma M, Maggio S, Giungato G, Turnone A, Vernich L, Talamo P-P
     Editor : Interreg IV / DEMSNIISI Project,  Pgs 116, Year : 2014
     Availability : Dept. of Environmental Technologists, TEI of Ionian Islands (for registered users, after an e-mail request at
3. Mechanisms for convection development in a long-lasting heavy precipitation event over southeastern Italy.
     Form : Scientific Journal Article
     Authors :  D. Mastrangelo, K. Horvath, A. Riccio, M.M. Miglietta.
     Editor : Atmospheric Research, Vol. 100, Pages 586 - 602,  Year : 2011
     Availability : doi:10.1016/j.atmosres.2010.10.010
4. Long term precipitation variability in the Ionian Islands (Central Mediterranean): Climatic signal analysis and future projections.
     Form : Scientific Journal Article
     Authors :  Kalimeris A, Founda D, Giannakopoulos C, Pierros F.
     Editor : Theoretical and Applied Climatology, Vol. 109, Pages 51 - 72,  Year : 2012
     Availability : Registered Users
5. Holocene record of environmental changes and palaeoclimatic implications in Alykes Lagoon, Zakynthos Island, western Greece, Mediterranean Sea
     Form : Scientific Journal Article
     Authors :  P. Avramidis, M. Geraga, M. Lazarova, N. Kontopoulos
     Editor : Quaternary International, Vol. 293, Pages 184 - 195,  Year : 2013
     Availability : doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2012.04.026
6. The Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event in the Ionian Zone, Greece
     Form : Scientific Journal Article
     Authors :  N. Kafousia, V. Karakitsios, E. Mattioli, S. Kenjo, H.C. Jenkyns
     Editor : Palaeogeography, Vol. 393, Pages 135 - 145,  Year : 2014
     Availability : doi:10.1016/j.palaeo.2013.11.013
7. A tornado and waterspout climatology for Greece
     Form : Scientific Journal Article
     Authors :  Michalis V. Sioutas
     Editor : Atmospheric Research, Vol. 100, Σελ. 344 - 356,  Year : 2011
     Availability : doi:10.1016/j.atmosres.2010.08.011
8.  Long term changes of precipitation in the Ionian sea – Future projections
     Form : Announcement in the 10th International Conference on Meteorology, Climatology & Atmospheric Physics.
     Authors :  Kalimeris A, Founda D, Giannakopoulos C, Pierros F, Philandras CM
     Editor : 10th COMECAP Proceedings,  Pgs. 801 - 809,  Year : 2010
     Availability : Registered Users
9. Precipitation, Temperature and Relative Humidity climatic review data for Zakynthos Island 
     Form : Report
     Authors :  A. Kalimeris.
     Editor : TEI of Ionian Islands, Dept. of Environmental Technologists,  Year : 2014
     Availability : Registered Users
      Technical Description . 
       Form : Technical Report
       Authors :  Kalimeris A, Kolios S, Halvatzaras D, Posa D, DeIaco S, Palma M, Skordilis C, Myrsilidis M.
       Availability : Odysseus, Vol. 7,  Year : 2016